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Optimize Your Health Through Genetic Testing

Your DNA is unique to you. Your LifeCode360 DNA Comprehensive Health Test report is personalized based on your unique genertic profile. This information combined with other factors such as diet, exercise, and the enviroment can help shape a picture of your overall health and longevity. By understanding your DNA, you can be more informed and make better health descions.

 Cost: $485, includes:

  • Genetic test swab (in-office or at home)
  • A 30-minute consultation to review the most significant findings and to create an action plan.
  • A personalized grocery list, that you can use to upgrade your gene function.
  • Exercise recommendations based on your genetic make-up.
  • A list of blood tests, to monitor, to ensure you are making the right choices based on your genetic predispositions.
  • A 60+ page report containing a wealth of information that can be referred to throughout your life to address current and future health concerns.