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"My purpose is help you live better naturally. Over the last 35 years I have helped thousands of people regain their health and I want to help you too." Dr. Baritz

I believe that given proper nutrition, your body has amazing capabilities of healing itself, and that nutrition should be individualized to meet each person's needs. I work to identify the underlying causes of your health concerns through in-depth consultations and testing. I then give you recommendations on nutritional supplements, healthy food choices, lifestyle steps, and acupressure points you can use at home. My goal is for you to live a longer and healthier life!

A Natural Holistic Approach to Better Health

Products and Services

Nutritional Supplements

From seed to supplement, Standard Process provides nutrient-dense supplements, that include ingredients cultivated on their certified organic farm.

Supplements for Children

Our high-quality children’s supplements made with whole food-based ingredients provide safe, age-specific nutrition in a kid-friendly format.

Herbal Supplements

MediHerb® products draw on the latest scientific research as well as centuries of traditional knowledge to provide high-quality herbal supplements that are safe and deliver consistent results.

Supplements for Pets

Using the same meticulous processes and ingredients found in our human supplements, our dog, cat, and equine products provide effective, targeted nutritional support for the beloved animals in your life.

Consultation with Dr. Baritz

Get the professional advice you need with an in-depth personal consultation, in-office or online, with Dr. Baritz. This is a one-on-one service to help you achieve your health care goals.

Acupressure at Home

Home programs to learn acupuncture points intended to improve health and speed recovery. Recommended supplements, lifestyle steps, and access to Dr. Baritz are all included.


Dr. Baritz's Herbal Formulas

Our Patients Say it Best

I had anxiety, I couldn’t drive. Dr Baritz gave me whole food supplements. I’m back to myself, happy as I used to be. So much thanks to Dr. Baritz


Within two weeks pain in my shoulder and arm is gone. Just two weeks. It’s a miracle.


It took just a short time for me to find relief. It was amazing. I highly recommend you try this for yourself.


For the first time in my life I have no stomach issues whatsoever. No Tums, no medications. It’s been a life changer for me. I feel great!


I’m a firefighter. I had problems with my back, neck and walking. Now I’m sleeping better, eating properly and feeling better.


It was life changing for me. I was looking for something to keep me healthy as I age. Dr Baritz showed me how to do that with supplements specifically for me. It made me feel younger and happier. I want to say how grateful I am.


I had high cholesterol – I did the program and my energy came up and I felt better, lost weight and my cholesterol went from 354 to 181. I’m feeling great.


Partners in Health

Standard Process

Standard Process, established in 1929, is a family-owned company that works with health care practitioners to effectively and holistically enhance wellness for the entire family. They are dedicated to changing lives through whole food-based nutritional supplements to help you get healthy and stay healthy naturally. Standard Process it the preferred choice of healthcare practitioners and thier patients. We are proud to support this amazing company.


MediHerb continually upholds the standard of quality, safety, and effectiveness in herbal therapy. Their herbal supplements are sourced from the correct species, using the right part of the plant, then tested to confirm potency. MediHerb supplements are based on traditional knowledge, sound clinical experience, and scientific research. We are excited to provide these amazing products directly to you.

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