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Jade Shield (Yu Ping Fen San) is an ancient herbal formula and has been widely used to support immune system health, vitality, and stamina. As well as supporting heart, brain, kidney, intestine, liver and lung function and tissue integrity. The reference to jade reflects value and strength. Shield indicates protection and refers to jade barriers used to prevent the entrance of evil influences into a room as part of the art of feng shui.  Dr. Baritz’s herbal formulas are manufactured in the USA.

Five reasons to use Jade Shield

  1. To support healthy immune system function
  2. To support healthy respiratory system function
  3. To support a healthy response to environmental stressors
  4. To help the body adapt to the changes of everyday life
  5. To promote vitality and stamina

Minimally processed

Our liquid herbs are minimally processed to preserve delicate herbal properties. There may be some variation in color or taste. Precipitation of solids may occur, clear dropper with a toothpick if needed. This does not affect potency.

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