Our Concierge Natural Health Plan, intended for discerning clients, combines advanced genetic testing with holistic treatments, providing a distinctive pathway to wellness for those who are seeking solutions beyond conventional methods. To ensure personalized attention, only a limited number of clients will be accepted into our program. Annual plan includes:

āˆš 12 Monthly consultations with Dr. Baritz to monitor progress and to optimize your program as conditions change.

āˆš 4 free bonus consultations with Dr. Baritz to optimize your program as conditions change.

āˆš Advanced genetic testing to help Dr. Baritz tune your program based on your genetic strengths and weaknesses.

āˆš Lab test recommendations to monitor potential weaknesses.

āˆš Personalized grocery list.

āˆš Optimized exercise program to maximize your genetic potential.

āˆš Stress management personalized recommendations.

āˆš 24/7 email access with Dr. Baritz.

āˆš A tailored approach for current issues, plus recommendations for overall health and wellness.

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