30-day bundle to support male vitality, includes a 30-day supply of herbs, a consultation with Dr. Baritz, and the Dr. Baritz exclusive guide “Supporting Male Vitality.”

Package contents:

  • Choline (3 twice a day) (1 bottle $45.95)
  • Circulation Advantage (3 twice a day with food) (1 bottle $45.95)
  • Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex (2 twice a day) (2 bottles $174.75)
  • Consultation with Dr. Baritz ($199 value – Free with first purchase of the bundle) Get expert guidance on supplements, diet, lifestyle, and acupressure and a receive a customized program designed especially for you.
  • Supporting Male Vitality (program guide) ($25 value - Free with bundle) Through engaging videos, informative text, detailed images, and assignments, you'll learn about herbs, acupressure, exercises, and lifestyle choices to support male vitality. Plus, I'll reveal a crucial, often overlooked aspect of male vitality programs that might make all the difference for you and your partner.
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