A 60-day Immune System Support bundle to support a healthy immune response to daily challenges. Included with a 60-day supply of herbs is my exclusive program guide "60-Day Immune System Support." Bundle includes:

  • Jade Shield (1/2 tsp 2x/day) (5 bottles $196.40)
  • Curcumin Black Pepper (3/day) (2 bottles $57.90)
  • Liver & Gallbladder Support (3/day) (1 bottle $29.95)
  • 60-Day Immune System Support program guide FREE 26-page guide to understanding, fortifying, and nurturing your body's natural defense system. Explore how your immune system works, learn five signs of immune system weakness, discover herbs for support immune system health, and master acupressure techniques with videos and images. Boost your immunity with five habits and follow five steps for recovery and healing.
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