60-day bundle to support heart and blood pressure health includes a 60-day supply of herbs and my exclusive guide "Heart Strong - Boost Cardio Health & Lower BP". Package includes:

  • Cardio-Advantage Heart & Blood Pressure Support (3/day) (2 bottles $59.90)
  • Circulation Advantage with Cayenne (3/day) (1 bottle $45.95)
  • Curcumin Black Pepper (3/day) (2 bottles $57.90)
  • Heart Strong FREE 42-page guide. Elevate your cardiovascular well-being with "Heart Strong." Unlock the secrets to bolstering your heart health and reducing blood pressure levels with my complimentary 42-page guide. Packed with expertly curated acupressure techniques, informative videos, insightful illustrations, and a detailed herbal support handbook. Delve into enlightening videos addressing the root causes of hypertension, unexpected fixes, and beyond.
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