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History of Herbal Formulas

Herbs have been studied, combined, and used for thousands of years resulting in the discovery of highly effective formulas. These classic formulas are part of the world’s cultural heritage and have been helping people for millennia. However, some companies ignore ancient wisdom and substitute less costly species.

My name is Dr. Baritz, I am a chiropractor, nutritionist, and herbalist. I have helped thousands of people live better naturally and I want to help you to0. I have created a line of liquid herbs to give you access to high quality, effective and safe herbal formulas. My formulas are authentic, high potency, fast absorbing, convenient and high quality.

AUTHENTIC means the real thing, not counterfeit. My herbals follow the traditional herbal formulations.


In herbal therapy POTENCY refers to the dose of the herbal required to produce the desired effect. A highly potent herbal formula evokes the desired response at a low dose, while an herbal formula of lower potency evokes the same response only with a higher dose.

The key to herbal potency is first to focus on function and then on concentration. Our proprietary extraction process preserves the delicate herbal properties while concentrating to a HIGHLY POTENT 5:1 extraction. This means that it takes five pounds of herb to make one pound of concentrate.

Optimized Absorption

To OPTIMIZE ABSORPTION, my formulas are liquid extracts. Because the herbs are already in liquid form, they are faster acting than tablets or capsules which have to be broken down in the stomach before they can be absorbed.


To make our herbals easy to use we packaged them in CONVENIENT 2 oz dropper bottles that are easy to carry and TSA compliant.


My herbals are HIGH QUALITY from Source Plants to Bottled Formula. Quality production begins with quality raw materials. Herbs are sourced by highly trained professionals, then sustainably harvested, and processed during the season when the herbs’ properties are considered most “potent”.

Our facility is licensed by the State of Oregon, FDA registered and certified as following the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices. Our herbals are tested for purity by independent FDA recognized labs.

In our facility each step of the production process, starting with receiving the raw herbs and ending with shipping the finished bottled formula, meets or exceeds the standards established by the State of Oregon, the FDA, the American Herbal Products Association and the US Pharmacopeia. Thus, we ensure purity, safety, and batch-to-batch consistency.

There is no question as to whether or not these formulas work. These herbs have been producing results for millennia. The only question is whether or not the results will meet your needs.

If you have not yet tried herbal formulas or if you have tried lower potency herbs and were disappointed, we encourage you give our herbal formulas a try and experience the power of ancient wisdom.