Say Goodbye to Heart Palpitations Naturally!

It's Dr. Baritz, your friendly chiropractor, nutritionist, herbalist, and certified specialist in Acupoint Physical Medicine and Pet Acupressure Therapy. Today I'll be revealing three essential acupuncture pressure points which are believed to reduce, and sometimes even eliminate, palpitations.

Palpitations can present as fast, fluttering, or pounding heartbeats, often making you feel as though your heart is skipping a beat, racing, or beating irregularly. But don't worry, various studies have demonstrated that acupressure can help manage these symptoms, whether used independently or alongside other medical treatments.

The pressure points we'll be covering today are Heart 9, Kidney 27, and Conception Vessel 14. Each point is strategically located at different parts of your body, from your pinky finger to your chest and belly region. For each pressure point, I'll guide you on how to locate it and the correct way to massage it for optimal results.

Remember, while these pressure points have been known to provide relief, the effect can vary from person to person. If your palpitations are severe or recurrent, always consult a healthcare professional.