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Holiday Eating Hacks for Health

Holiday Eating Hacks for Health

Nov 20, 2023

Robert Baritz

Did you know that the ten-minute rule is one of five hacks for guilt-free holiday eating? Now you might be asking yourself, what is the ten-minute rule?

Let’s start by painting a picture many of us are familiar with as it relates to holiday eating. Most of us abandon healthy eating to enjoy festive feasts and celebrations. That's where these five simple yet effective holiday eating hacks come into play. In this video, you will learn practical strategies that will help you enjoy the holidays without compromising your health. You will focus on achievable improvements that you can measure in how you feel and the choices you make during this time.

This approach is refreshingly straightforward. No complex diets, no guilt trips, just easy-to-implement tips and tricks that anyone can follow, leaving you feeling satisfied and in control. By the end of this video, you'll have a toolkit of holiday eating hacks to make informed choices at feasts and parties.